A list of all of the companies I’ve started.  Some successful and some learning opportuniies.

Current Projects


2016 – Co-founder / CTO 

We help publishers monetize non-paying users by allowing them to take surveys inside their digital products (Apps, Websbites, etc).


Youtube Coaching

2020 – Founder

Creating youtube content to help others start sustainable businesses. 

YouTube Channel

Previous Successes


2012 – 2015: Co-founder CTO

So we built an interactive, mobile-awesome, super-simple, live-data web-app-thing. That means you can connect dynamic data streams and share drool-worthy interactive visuals.  Went to Canada for a startup accelerator called Founder Fuel for this startup.

08/05/2015 – Acquired By Tableau Software


2006 – 2012: Founder

I did wedding, fashion, and business photography for over 5 years.  It was my first real business which made some decent cash.  I decided to shut it down because it wasn’t scalable, at least in the way I was think about things back then.


Learning Opportunities

Hyde Bar Milwaukee

2010 – Co-owner

Opened a night club in Milwaukee with a couple of other owners.  Wasn’t open very long.  Ended up failing because of horrible partners and a bad business plan. 

Lucks Irish Pub

2011 – Co-owner

This one was open much longer than Hyde but couldn’t quite get to critical mass.  Much more successful but still a money loser.


2009 – Co-founder / CTO

WedGenius was a site to match wedding professionals (photographers, DJs, etc) to couples getting married.  Ended up failing because my co-founder decided to move on after we didn’t get the traction we expected.

Wedding Photography Primer

2008 – Writer

I write a book about how to start your own wedding photography business.  I didn’t sell very many copies and spend a few months writing it.  It was a fun experience however.

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