About Me


I’m Adam Perkins

Entrepreneur and tech guy at heart.  Love my family, dogs, CrossFit, coding, mint ice-cream, and optimization.  Also enjoy a peaceful and calm existence.

I’m a technical co-founder of things; with a focus on ruby on rails, databases, and back-end functionality.

In 2012 I attended FounderFuel. It was an amazing accelerator program in Montreal QC. Moving to QC was interesting to say the least!

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

Times Failed

Businesses Started

Things Learned

Times Regretted

My Skills

I’ve had the pleasure of starting businesses for the past 15 years.  Some successful and many that were not.  I’ve learned just about every way to fail.  I’m also pretty good at technology.

I have extensive experience starting many different tyeps of businesses; from small businesses to restaurants and bars to startups and software companies.

  • Building New Companies
  • Creating Software
  • Optimization
  • Persistence